Robbinsville Township is going to try to shake off some of the coronavirus doldrums by having a townwide pizza party — a virtual one, that is.

Robbinsville has arranged for LoLa Restaurant to deliver 300 plain pizzas to households across the township tomorrow between the hours of 4:30 and 7 p.m. It only took around an hour for all 300 pizzas to be spoken for, but there is a waitlist as of 5 p.m. Thursday.

“As we all do our best to navigate the Covid-19 crisis, the Township of Robbinsville would like to promote family time and fun by giving out 300 plain pizzas … we will get through this together!” reads an announcement the township made on its Facebook page.

In Robbinsville there are also multiple reports of community members donating personal protective equipment like masks and hand sanitizer. There was the donation recently made by BAPS Charities of 5,500 N95 masks to hospitals in the region. Robbinsville has also reported that Harshav “Neil” Raval of Greenhill Pharmacy donated 40 bottles of hand sanitizer.

Robbinsville reports that Anna Gao of Yummy Sushi has also donated 1,000 surgical masks, and also has a story on its Facebook reporting that Mayor Dave Fried himself has donated a supply of N95 masks to Capital Health Medical Center in Hopewell.

The stories of kindness continue with another one involving pizza. This story comes from reader Karen Martin in Hamilton: “A friend of mine (Shannon Pelke) has ordered 6 pizzas from a local pizzeria (Antonio’s Pizza, Edinburg Road, Hamilton) and then all her friends called and added to her order, and that huge order is being sent to RWJ Hospital, Klockner Road tonight between 5:30-6:30. It would be great if this act of kindness could be recognized in such trying times.”

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